Mintier Harnish Do-It-Yourself General Plan

DIYGP Brochure

templatemo_image_04Click on the link below to download a PDF copy of the DIYGP brochure, which contains detailed information on the training program.

DIYGP Brochure»

templatemo_image_03The DO-IT-YOURSELF GENERAL PLAN® is the most comprehensive and cost-effective training program and technical support service available to cities and counties. You and your staff will learn:

  • How to prepare a general plan update in-house.
  • How to integrate the newest thinking about climate change and sustainability into your comprehensive plan.
  • How to create a team from within your agency’s department personnel to update the comprehensive plan in-house.


Why Choose DIYGP?

templatemo_image_01The general plan provides direction for most staff reports and actions by elected officials. Keeping a general plan up-to-date can be costly and time- consuming. As a result, most communities update their general plans infrequently. Given the time commitment and complexity that often accompany a major general plan update, the work is often contracted out. But times have changed and money is tight, particularly for long-range planning. Still, communities want to update their plans for many reasons—despite or because of the current fiscal crisis.

To provide an affordable alternative to consultant-prepared general plans—and to put planners to work during these difficult economic times—we’ve created the DO-IT-YOURSELF GENERAL PLAN®. It enables staff to gain the skills, knowledge, and tools to update their general plan in-house with a minimum of outside assistance and expense. And it provides communities the opportunity to:

  • Learn from our firm’s 25 years of experience preparing more than 50 general plans.
  • Acquire the tools and templates to do the work.
  • Gain access to our technical support as they update their plans.
  • Develop long-term organizational capacity to not only update the general plan, but also to implement it.

The Program

The DO-IT-YOURSELF COMPREHENSIVE PLAN® program is a comprehensive, hands-on series of training sessions designed to give planners and their local governments the tools and guidance necessary to update and implement their comprehensive plan.

Seven training sessions cover every aspect of comprehensive plan preparation. While a full three-day program is recommended, one- and two-day programs are available that focus on selected aspects of general plan preparation and implementation. These sessions can also be spread out over several months.

Each training session has three parts: lecture and course materials; interactive discussion; templates and guides.

Each Training Session Includes:

  • Lecture and course materials.
  • Interactive discussion.
  • Templates, examples, and guides.

Client Testimonials

image_03“Your collective experience with this process is evident. Thank you for your real world examples and practical advice. I believe that it will prove to be invaluable as we move forward in this process!”

“I feel the three-day program provided a complete and clear understanding of how to properly draft and implement a complete General Plan.” – City Staff and Decision-Makers


image_07“I really appreciated your candid feedback to my questions and my thoughts about how to proceed with the General Plan Update. The process is complicated, and therefore difficult at times to synthesize, but you did a great job.” – City Staff