Other General Plan Services

We have helped more than 50 California cities and counties prepare comprehensive general plan updates, evaluations, and related projects. We work with large and small, urban and rural cities and counties to carry out general plan programs and projects tailored to their specific needs. We work closely with our clients throughout the program to ensure relevance, quality, and responsiveness of the general plan. Our broad experience and expertise result in uniformly excellent work products and satisfied clients. We offer the following services:

  • Do-It-Yourself General Plan Programs

    We provide comprehensive and cost-effective training programs and technical support service on how to prepare a general plan update in-house; how to integrate the newest thinking about climate change and sustainability into your general plan; and how to create a team from within your agency’s department personnel to update the general plan in-house.

City of Aliso Viejo DIYGP
City of Solana Beach DIYGP
City of Eureka DIYGP
City of Hayward DIYGP

  • General Plan Update Work Program, Budget, and Schedule

    We work closely with local government staff to design and develop well-thought-out general plan update work programs that reflect a community’s unique circumstances, desires, and values. We ensure that staff, decision-makers, and the public have a clear understanding of the key issues before beginning the update program so that the work program, schedule, and budget include the steps and resources necessary to successfully guide the community through the update process.

  • General Plan Update Project Management Services

    Acting as contract staff, we manage general plan update programs and related projects on behalf of local government staff department heads and decision-makers. We organize work programs, schedules, and budgets; screen and select consultants; and carry out and manage the process as staff. See our Project Management services for more details.

  • General Plan Adequacy and Consistency Evaluations

    We conduct detailed confidential assessments of general plans to determine consistency with State planning law and guidelines and general plan case law. We recommend the necessary revisions and updates to bring the plan into compliance. We are also actively involved in determining how general plans should best respond to new State laws, such as AB 32, AB 162, SB 5, SB 375, AB 1358, SB 244, and AB 170. See our Legal and Legislative services for more details.

City of Pacific Grove
City of Ripon
City of Roseville
City of Scotts Valley
City of Stockton
Alameda County
Butte County
Calaveras County
Del Norte County
Monterey County
Nevada County
San Bernardino County
Trinity County

  • Annual General Plan Progress Report Preparation

    We work with local government staff to structure and conduct programs to annually review progress in implementing general plan goals and policies. This State-mandated review and reporting process summarizes the status of each implementation program in the general plan and helps identify new implementation tools, changes in funding sources, and feedback from plan monitoring activities.

  • Periodic General Plan Reviews and Revisions

    We work with local government staff, community stakeholders, and decision-makers to review and make necessary refinements to the general plan to address new or emerging issues and changes in State law. These “mini updates” provide an opportunity to make adjustments to the general plan without conducting a full update, keeping the plan current and relevant.

City of Sacramento Five-Year Review
City of Woodland Five-Year Review
Fresno County Five-Year Review
Placer County Five-Year Review

  • General Plan Implementation Studies and Projects

We assist local government staff in carrying out implementation programs and activities called for in the general plan, such as zoning ordinance updates, amendments, rezonings and other studies and projects. See our full qualifications for details on all the planning services we offer to help implement general plans.

City of Menlo Park
Alameda County East County Area Plan
Sacramento County

  • General Plan Amendments

We work with local governments and private clients to prepare focused general plan amendments to address new and emerging issues and changes in State law, or to request changes to general plan land uses and policy. We conduct detailed examinations of existing general plans and recommend modifications to meet the objectives of our clients.

 City of Ceres General Plan Amendment