Our staff includes planning experts, each with his/her own unique combination of education, training, and experience. We are all dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients.

Planning Staff


Larry Mintier, FAICP, Principal
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Larry is one of California’s leading general plan practitioners. Since the founding of Mintier Harnish in 1985, he has worked for over 160 public agencies, law firms, and private clients. He has supervised the firm’s work in preparing over 50 general plans, specific plans, and master plans; nearly 50 housing elements; nearly a dozen zoning and subdivision ordinances; and numerous other special studies and projects. Many of these projects involved managing multi-disciplinary teams and the preparation of environmental impact reports. Larry specializes in land use planning and policy, housing, seismic safety, intergovernmental relations, permit facilitation, and land use litigation support. He has extensive experience in public outreach and consensus building, and is very effective interacting with staff, elected officials, stakeholders, and groups of people. He relates well to a broad spectrum of people and is an effective problem solver. Larry holds Master’s Degrees in City Planning and Public Administration from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles.

jimJim Harnish, JD, Principal
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Jim has been a planner and manager for many large public agencies and private consulting firms since 1970. He is also an attorney with extensive experience in land use and CEQA. He specializes in project management for general plans, specific plans, and large private planning projects; CEQA compliance and environmental document peer review; zoning and regulatory ordinance preparation; and public outreach and consensus building. His broad experience, in both the public and private sectors, in land use planning, regulatory codes and ordinances, permit processing, environmental analysis, toxics and hazardous materials, wetlands and endangered species, and legal analysis enables him to bring a wealth of experience to every project. He holds a Juris Doctor from McGeorge School of Law (University of the Pacific) and a Bachelor’s Degree in California History from University of California, Davis.


Ted Holzem, Senior Project Manager
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Ted has been a planner in both the public and private sectors since 2001. He has managed all aspects of general plan production, and has prepared plans for a diverse array of clients, from rural agricultural counties and small rural communities to large urban cities such as Sacramento and Stockton. Ted specializes in land use planning, public policy, planning law, public outreach and meeting facilitation, and management of multi-disciplinary consulting teams. He is a specialist in climate change and sustainability policy, which he has addressed in planning documents and as a panelist at local, state, and national conferences. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis.

chelseyChelsey Norton, AICP, Project Manager
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Chelsey has been a planner in the both public and private sectors since 2005. She has been involved in over a half-dozen general plan updates for small and large cities, as well as several rural counties. Chelsey has been involved in all stages of the general plan update process, including preparation of background reports, data analysis, GIS mapping, issues identification, complex alternatives analysis, community outreach, and policy development. She has specialized knowledge of housing element requirements based on experience preparing nearly 20 housing elements. She holds a Master’s Degree in Regional Planning from Cornell University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College.


Dave Amos, Associate Planner
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Dave Amos is an Associate Planner with Mintier Harnish. He specializes in land use planning, transportation planning, and urban design. Dave provides design, writing, editing, research, and GIS support for a variety of projects, including general plans and housing elements. Dave holds a Master’s Degree in Community and Regional Planning and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University.


Dov Kadin, Planner
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Dov is a Planner with Mintier Harnish. He specializes in geographic information systems, land use modeling, and land use and transportation planning. He provides research, writing, design, and GIS support on various projects including general plans, housing elements, and other projects. Dov holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography with minors in GIS and Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.



Robert Olson, Senior Associate
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Robert Olson is a Senior Associate with Mintier Harnish. He has over 45 years of experience (including 30 years as a consultant) in the emergency management profession. He brings a broad understanding of public policy, hazard mitigation, law, administrative operations, emergency response and contingency planning, public finance, and related subjects to this project. He has been honored for his contributions as a practitioner, manager, policy advocate, researcher, and planner.